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Organic Peppermint e-Liquid

Organic Peppermint e-liquid 

A cool invigorating flavor, Organic Peppermint e-liquid is the most popular of the mint vapors. Organic peppermint e-liquid contains the essence of organic peppermint leaves, that are known for their relaxing properties. Have you ever had a cup of hot peppermint tea on a cold winters day. Well now you can enjoy this taste all year around with this incredible refreshing vapor. From gum, lozenges and candy everyone has at one time experienced this cool, smooth, full bodied flavor. Remember peppermint patties – yummm. It is great alone or combined with one of our organic fruit flavor e-liquids or one of our Organic tobacco flavored e-liquids. Sure to be one of your regular vapors in your arsenal of e-liquids.