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Organics Cinnamon e-Liquid

Organics Cinnamon e-liquid 

The spicy taste of our Organic Cinnamon e-liquid is sweet but at the same time has a hint of bitterness. With its savory taste and unmistakable fragrance it is sure to be one of your favorite organic e-liquids.  Who can not say that they are not drawn by the smell of fresh cinnamon buns being baked in your local mall, that sweet, woody fragrance, from far away. That sugary, warm, sticky smell of cinnamon in your home whether it is in your air freshener, baked goods, french toast or in a delicious hot beverage. Not to mention all the health qualities of cinnamon.

Just a few drops of this organic e-liquid, mixed in with our Organic Amaretto Cappuccino  e-liquid, will give you an incredible twist on this  favorite vape.


Organics Wintergreen e-Liquid

Organics Wintergreen e-liquid 

The flavor of our Organics wintergreen e-liquid comes from evergreen, with its white flowers and spicy red berries. This old school taste of Wintergreen will accelerate your senses. This minty flavor can be found in many candies,confections and gums like Clarkes teaberry gum and Wint-O-Green lifesavers.

Did you know that Wintergreen is a common flavoring in Root Beer and gives it the special unique taste that other soda pops cannot offer. Organic Wintergreen e-liquid will sure to delight your vaping needs.

Try one of out Organic Tobacco e-liquids, with this wintery delight.

Organics Spearmint e-Liquid

Organics Spearmint e-liquid

The iconic mint flavor is here in our Organics Spearmint e-liquid. This herb is the most commonly found mint, you can find in market. Organic Spearmint e-liquid with its sweet subtle taste is the mild cousin of our organic Peppermint e-liquid. Every time I hear spearmint it reminds me of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Many confections are made with this flavor. Now you can enjoy this e-liquid vapor without the sugar – fresh and invigorating makes your throat feel cool.  This is another great Organic e-liquid that can be added to some of our other Organic Tobacco e-liquid, flavors to create a unique tasty combination.

Organics Menthol e-Liquid

Organics Menthol e-liquid 

Organics Menthol e-liquid is one of our top best sellers. This organic menthol vapor is a compound obtained from commint, peppermint and or other mint oils. Menthol is widely used to relieve minor throat irritations. It has the ability to trigger the sold-sensitive receptors when inhaled. Opposite to the receptors responsible for the spicy hot feeling you get from hot chili peppers , which stimulate heat, without actually changing the temperature of your mouth. This e-liquid has a solid menthol taste when vaped, with a consistent cooling affect to your throat. The king of our outstanding Organic Menthol flavored e-liquid line.

Organic Peppermint e-Liquid

Organic Peppermint e-liquid 

A cool invigorating flavor, Organic Peppermint e-liquid is the most popular of the mint vapors. Organic peppermint e-liquid contains the essence of organic peppermint leaves, that are known for their relaxing properties. Have you ever had a cup of hot peppermint tea on a cold winters day. Well now you can enjoy this taste all year around with this incredible refreshing vapor. From gum, lozenges and candy everyone has at one time experienced this cool, smooth, full bodied flavor. Remember peppermint patties – yummm. It is great alone or combined with one of our organic fruit flavor e-liquids or one of our Organic tobacco flavored e-liquids. Sure to be one of your regular vapors in your arsenal of e-liquids.


Organics Pina Colada e-Liquid

 Organics Pina Colada e-liquid

This flavor Organics Pina Colada e-liquid is one of our best sellers. Made from organic pineapples coupled with lush organic creme of coconut. How can you resist closing your eyes while v aping this tropical delight, imagining that hot sandy beach and warm lapping waves. Organic Pina Colada e-liquid will give you a full, sweet, creamy, fruity sensation. Combining the flavor of pineapple with the rich decadent taste of organic creme of coconut and rum is a taste to behold.

Pineapple (Pina) and Colada (strained) was first made commercial in  the early 20th century and is now the national beverage of Puerto Rico.


Organics Coconut Cream e-Liquid

Organics Coconut Cream e-liquid

If you like coconut then our Organics Coconut Cream e-liquid is for you. This rich and creamy e-liquid in one of a kind, with its natural sweetness – you will go Coco Loco for this one. Just as the rich cream rises to the top of the milk, organic coconut cream e-liquid rises to the top with its taste and aroma. This is sure not to disappoint.

Can you smell that roasted sweetness of the coconut cream pie coming out of the oven. I’ll bet you’re drooling aren’t you. Imagine this  vapor with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon tea. Or dab in a little of our Organic Strawberry and Chocolate e-liquid for a truly decadent taste.

Organics Espresso e-Liquid

Organics Espresso e-liquid

This Italian inspired coffee treat is rich and powerful as is our Organics Espresso e-liquid. Finely ground smooth roasted Arabica beans pressurized under pressure give the taste a stronger more robust flavor than regular brewed coffee. Organic espresso e-liquid is the most decadently rich coffee flavored e-liquid on the market. This organic espresso vapor can be enjoyed at anytime of the day but can be especially tasty in the morning with your daily coffee. Then you can ease into the smooth flavor of Organic Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid.  Another organic sweet e-liquid you will want to add to your collection.

Organics Strawberries & Chocolate e-Liquid

Organics Strawberry & Chocolate e-liquid 

Yummmm… a scrumptious tasty Organics Strawberry & Chocolate  e-liquid. What could be better than luscious chocolate dipped strawberries enveloped in an aromatic vapor. Just picture those fresh picked, plump, juicy sweet berries bursting in your mouth. Now add to that the pure, ground roasted cocoa beans that impart that rich decadent mouth watering chocolate taste.  One of our flavors from our Organic Sweet e-liquids line. The heavenly flavors are a perfect pairing made to enjoy. Bringing home these delicious firm berries fresh from the field to create an indulgent dessert .Melting that rich decadent chocolate to that perfect temperature for dipping. Imagine how divine they taste.

Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-Liquid

Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid 

The bittersweet taste of almond flavor enriched with that creamy coffee goodness give this Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid a delectable vapor experience. The aroma of almonds and  coffee invigorate the senses.  Amaretto is an Italian liquor characterized by its bittersweet taste with a twist of a almond flavor. The liquor is made from fresh sweet almonds or apricot pits which is used as a base for making the wine. The name  Amaretto was originated from and Italian word amaro. which means bitter, although the bitterness was palatable. To neutralize the bitterness, it is enhanced by adding sweeteners like the sweet almonds. For an added coffee taste kick, drop in a little of our Organic Espresso e-liquid.