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Organics Caramel Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Caramel  Tobacco e-liquid 

Oh the gooey goodness our Organics Caramel Tobacco e-liquid. The taste of those soft, chewy, creamy caramels that perfectly melt away in your mouth and the smell of vanilla sweetness, are combined with a smooth tobacco flavor to make a truly enjoyable vapor experience. Best part is it won’t stick to your teeth .

Caramel candy is a soft, dense, chewy candy made by boiling a mixture of fresh milk or cream, sugar, butter and vanilla flavoring. Imagine this organic tobacco flavored e-liquid mixed with a little of our Organic Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid. Ummm, great vape.




Organics Menthol Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Menthol Tobacco e-liquid 

As traditional Menthol cigarettes are quite popular, it isn’t surprising  that our Organics Menthol Tobacco e-liquid is one of our highest  selling vapors. With the zest of organics menthol combined with a smooth mild tobacco, this organics e-liquid is perfect for augmenting or replacing your traditional menthol cigarettes.

While vaping the Organics menthol tobacco e-liquid you will experience a non- overpowering strong flavor sensation. You will inhale for the cool menthol flavor and exhale for the sweet, smooth, mild organics tobacco taste. Satisfy your cold-sensitive receptors in your mouth with the great menthol tobacco taste. For an added kick, try adding a few drops of our organic peppermint e-liquid. Wow, vape away.


Organics Black Cherry Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Black Cherry Tobacco e-liquid 

This Organics Black Cherry Tobacco e-liquid blends memories of your childhood with your adult lifestyle. Do you remember the first time you opened up a bottle of Black Cherry soda pop. Bam it hit you with the unmistakable woody smell and the taste was even better. Mixed with our hand picked organic mild tobacco you get the best of both worlds. With its bittersweet, black cherry flavor you experience a unique taste at first until you find yourself vaping again and again for the enjoyment of the comforting taste and smell that envelops you. The special aroma and taste of this organic tobacco e-liquid will prove to be a satisfying treat for your vaping collection.


Organics Cowboy Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Cowboy Tobacco e-liquid 

Ok, we think the name says it all. Organics Cowboy Tobacco e-liquid has that earthy taste of the great outdoors. Another winner in our fine line of Organic Tobacco Flavored e-liquids. This full bodied traditional tobacco taste has a smooth, sweet taste going down, with a great throat hit as the pay off. If you are not a fruit or candy  vapor type and like your true American blend taste then Organic Cowboy tobacco e-liquid is for you. With this  true smooth tobacco flavor, you will be tempted to add a drop or two of our great organic mint flavors. We think that even the smoking cowboy would not be able to resist this classic organic tobacco e-liquid.

Organics Mild Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Mild Tobacco e-liquid 

Our Organics Mild tobacco e-liquid is great for traditional mild tobacco smokers, to enjoy and satisfy your need for a smooth and consistently mild vape. This light amber e-liquid has a great realistic, mild and sweet taste. Made from hand picked organic tobacco you will be sure to get the same  vape time and time again with our organic mild tobacco e-liquid.

Enjoy a good morning coffee with your delicious mild American blend organic tobacco flavored e-liquid and have a great day.