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Organics Kiwi e-Liquid

Organics Kiwi e-Liquid

A sweet tutti-fruity aroma and taste can be found in our Organics Kiwi e-Liquid. This fruit is packed with more Vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange. The bright green flesh of the kiwi fruit speckled with tiny black seeds is often described as an invigorating taste similar to strawberries, melon and bananas. Yet it has its own unique sweet flavor. This is one of the more popular flavors from our Organic Fruit Flavors e-liquid line. Otherwise known as the Chinesegooseberry” this e-liquid will give you the tropical enjoyment you are looking for in this vapor which is very satisfying with its sweet, tangy flavor.

Organics Pineapple e-Liquid

Organics Pineapple e-Liquid

This sweet juicy fruit is available from us in our Organics Pineapple e-liquid. A refreshing vape, it will keep you in a tropical mood with its fairly strong fruity taste. Pineapple  juice can be both bitter and sweet at the same time because of this and the different way individuals can decipher tastes you can get a slightly different taste with every vapor. Did you know that adding salt (sodium chloride) to fresh pineapple, that it will overshadow the bitterness and make it sweeter tasting?

Our Organic Pineapple e-liquid, from our Fruit Flavor e-liquid line, will become a great addition to your e-liquid vaping platform.

Organics Blueberry e-Liquid

Organics Blueberry e-liquid 

Our Organics Blueberry e-liquid is made from the fresh picked super fruit. Imagine the smell and taste of plump, juicy hand picked blueberries in the summer, it is sweet, tart and delicious just like the consistency of our Blueberry e-liquid vapor. Blueberries can be found in so many delectable foods, from muffins , pancakes to jams and jellies a real favorite. Now this favorite can be found in our organic vapor. This vapor will give you a nice subtle taste but not over powering, while leaving a nice throat hit of blueberry. You can mix organic Blueberry e-liquid with one of our Organic Menthol Flavor line, for a mouth explosion that will bombard your senses.


Organics Raspberry e-Liquid

Organics Raspberry e-liquid 

Enjoy the sweet delectable juicy berry taste of Organics Raspberry e-liquid. A refreshing sweet, fruity flavor. This edible soft fruit is related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets. This plant is part of the rose family that yields this fruit, forming tall, stiff, prickly stems.

When I was a child I would refer to raspberries as the devils fruit, because every time you would pick a berry you would be pricked by its pointy thorns. However it was well worth the pain as the reward was those delicious plump juicy berries. The hits just keep coming in our Organic Fruit Flavored e-liquid line.

Organics Strawberry e-Liquid

Organics Strawberry e-liquid 

Organics Strawberry e- liquid  ingredients comes fresh from the organic farmers field. The taste of those sweet, succulent, full-bodied flavored berries just make your mouth water. This Organic Fruit Flavor e-liquid is a best seller with it having an invigorating aromatic smell of fresh picked strawberries in a vapor. Going back to the memories of my childhood spending numerous hours in the strawberry patches. Heading to our local farmers field with our baskets in hand. Five strawberries in the basket and one in your mouth. Yummmm.. Hoping desperately that your mother didn’t catch you. Enjoying those sugary, juicy and gratifying berries until your tummy exploded. Great times to remember. Enjoy!!