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Organics Menthol Tobacco e-Liquid

Organics Menthol Tobacco e-liquid 

As traditional Menthol cigarettes are quite popular, it isn’t surprising  that our Organics Menthol Tobacco e-liquid is one of our highest  selling vapors. With the zest of organics menthol combined with a smooth mild tobacco, this organics e-liquid is perfect for augmenting or replacing your traditional menthol cigarettes.

While vaping the Organics menthol tobacco e-liquid you will experience a non- overpowering strong flavor sensation. You will inhale for the cool menthol flavor and exhale for the sweet, smooth, mild organics tobacco taste. Satisfy your cold-sensitive receptors in your mouth with the great menthol tobacco taste. For an added kick, try adding a few drops of our organic peppermint e-liquid. Wow, vape away.