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Organics Coconut Cream e-Liquid

Organics Coconut Cream e-liquid

If you like coconut then our Organics Coconut Cream e-liquid is for you. This rich and creamy e-liquid in one of a kind, with its natural sweetness – you will go Coco Loco for this one. Just as the rich cream rises to the top of the milk, organic coconut cream e-liquid rises to the top with its taste and aroma. This is sure not to disappoint.

Can you smell that roasted sweetness of the coconut cream pie coming out of the oven. I’ll bet you’re drooling aren’t you. Imagine this  vapor with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon tea. Or dab in a little of our Organic Strawberry and Chocolate e-liquid for a truly decadent taste.