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Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-Liquid

Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid 

The bittersweet taste of almond flavor enriched with that creamy coffee goodness give this Organics Amaretto Cappuccino e-liquid a delectable vapor experience. The aroma of almonds and  coffee invigorate the senses.  Amaretto is an Italian liquor characterized by its bittersweet taste with a twist of a almond flavor. The liquor is made from fresh sweet almonds or apricot pits which is used as a base for making the wine. The name  Amaretto was originated from and Italian word amaro. which means bitter, although the bitterness was palatable. To neutralize the bitterness, it is enhanced by adding sweeteners like the sweet almonds. For an added coffee taste kick, drop in a little of our Organic Espresso e-liquid.